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Road Less Traveled – OSM Routing How-to

Whenever I travel from Tagish into Whitehorse, I’m faced with the same quandry; is shortest route the quickest route? Each option is ALMOST the same distance (~80 km); one way has lots of curves and better scenery, while the other is as close as we get to a freeway. As any gains I make in travel time to Whitehorse are eaten up in the first few blocks of city traffic anyway, the ‘ideal’ solution for the quickest OR shortest route could be found without taking the drive, using open source data and tools.
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Geomatics Projects

  • Porcupine Caribou Harvest Monitoring Application
  • Wildlife Telemetry & Collar Data Management Application
  • Resource Assessment and Boundary Delineation: Summit Lake – Bell River Protected Area
  • Yukon Planning Atlas
  • Gwitchin Heritage Place Names Atlas
  • Porcupine Caribou Seasonal Distribution, Movements, and Habitat Preferences
  • North Yukon Biophysical Mapping Project
  • International Polar Year Data Management Plan – Old Crow Flats
  • Property and Infrastructure Management System
  • Web map and geospatial data distribution portal
  • ArcGIS, QGis training and support